Author: Weston Deboer

  • Things that I watched when I had Covid

    I was very unfortunate to get covid, my symptoms started on April 4th, 2022. I was not feeling particularly healthy the night before. But I woke up early and took a test and boom, Covid. In no particular order, Just want came to my head that I watched. I don’t remember the first day to […]

  • What it’s like to get bit by a dog

    It sucks, but not for the reason that you think Just this year, I have walked around the lake almost 2,000 times. I was training for a non-existent marathon this year. Get some air and get some exercise. Out of all of those times that I have seen unleashed dogs, I got bit by one […]

  • Clay’s Push-Up Workout Routine

    Day 1 – Eccentric Loaded Push Series (1) 10 eccentric push-ups (lowering for 5 second count) + 10 normal push-ups 90 sec – 2 min rest 5 Sets Total Day 2 – Push-Up Strength Day (1) 20-40 lbs weight in backpack Ladder from 16 down to 2 by 2’s, 5 sets: 16 push-ups (15-30 sec […]

  • Shopify: Automatically add item to cart when another item is added

    My client is using Shopify plus, So I don’t know if this will only work on Shopify plus or just regular. But any who this is what we did. We combined the Shopify Automatic Discounts and some custom code to make it happen. We wanted to add a free CD with every purchase of the […]

  • The coroner

    I didn’t know what to expect when I went to go pick up your belongings. I had never done anything like that before. I hadn’t read about it in a story or seen anything like it in a movie. I was worried about getting there on time and worried about parking. I was the only […]