Curb Your Enthusiasm Quote

“Im married i can wear whatever i want”

That is one reason why i love the show Curb Your Enthusiasm, Because he says things like that and he says:

“Would it have killed her to write a note”


Weekly Music Chart

This is the top artists for this week! I don’t normally listen to the same artist that much, but that mike jones got me. The others ones are podcasts, i was catching up on my podcasting.

poil11's Weekly Artists Chart

Interesting Internet

Monthly Photo Experiment – Oakland to Burbank

I am starting a monthly project of a certain theme of pictures. Where everyday i am going to be posting a different picture based on a certain theme. This months theme is going to be my airplane trip from Oakland to Burbank. Below is the first picture in a series of 31 pictures. Check out the pictures at Below is the first picture of the series.

San Francisco Picture One