Best of 2005

I had a great year, I have met a lot of new friends. I have done some exciting things this year. I am not super happy with my website just yet, as it is changing. I don’t have anything new and exciting to say about my website at the moment. Just the same old same old for the time being. As my last post of 2005 i would just like to point out the most visited pages on my website.

Top 5 Most Visited pages:

1. How to Remove DRM

2. Obey Clothing Sample Sale

3. Obey Sample Sale !!

4. Best WordPress Plugins

5. How do I repair iPhoto

Google has been the nicest to me this year. I don’t know what else to say besides, i hope that everyone has a great new year. 2006 here we come, are you ready?


Happy Holidays

Well slow on the posts these days, but i just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. And that everyone has a safe and super fun time. For those of you in LA, i will be posting a little bit about whats going on in Los Angeles for New Years. I still don’t know what i will be doing on New Years for sure as of yet. I have some ideas. Dan “the Man” Flores is goign to be up in the San Francisco. If you have any ideas about whats going on for New Years 2005, just leave a comment.

Happy Holidays and Have a Happy New Year.


Obey Sample Sale

Update June 7th: Updated Posts Here

Obey Sale

I wasn’t able to get down to the sample sale on Friday, as i was to hung over from thursday night at LAX. So erin and I went down there on Saturday. I hope that everyone was able to go that wanted to go. The lines were long and they implemented a new rule this year. You can only be in there for 30 minutes or so, so you had to find what you wanted fast. But as the day went on there wasn’t a line anymore and you could stay as long as you wanted. As i didn’t have my camera, i wasn’t able to take pictures of the line. It was pretty long, i don’t know how long the wait was, but with the new rules i assume that the line went by pretty fast. The deals were very good for the clothes and such.

If you missed out, your going to have to wait till June 2006 until the next sample sale. You should go its a good deal, and you find good obey clothing. The girls line is exceptional this year and thats not because my friend Erin Wignall is the girls designer. They have a great line of girls clothes.

If you don’t know go to your local obey clothing dealer and see for yourself. See you in June for the next obey clothing sample sale.

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How to use iTunes to Download Free Music

Hype Machine

I have known about The Hype Machine maybe since its inception. i probably went to it everyday when it was created, but i forgot about it, completely. Until recently when mentioned it again to me. I think he said something on the lines of “God nothing good on hype machine today.” Which reminded me that i need to check out the hype machiine again. When i loaded up the page, i noticed one big difference. The podcast button, which completely blew my mind. So i clicked on that button, added it to itunes and changed the settings for it to check for new podcasts every hour. So every hour or so, i will get new mp3’s. Some are bad songs, but some are great songs. Thats just how it is you know. Its a great free way to get new, old, mp3’s. When i am not at home or without an ipod, i click on the flash so i can stream some mp3’s.


Stolen Car

Well i woke up this morning to find out that my car was stolen again. If you didn’t know it was stolen in April, see this post. This time i didn’t have that much stuff in my car, but i did have the most important thing in it, my camera. So there will be no more picture updates for the time being and will be on hold for the time being. Well it will run until the end of the month, but i don’t have enough pictures for the next theme that i planned. I havn’t been posting a lot because i have been doing odjobs around the city. More updates on this later.

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