Whats up with Spam on Gmail Now?

Gmail Spam

Did google turn off there spam blocker in gmail? Because i have been getting about ten spam emails in my inbox everyday. Gmail used to be very good at catching spam, and non spam emails. To my knowledge nothing important (important being, from a friend, about work, or anything else i deem important) has ever been labeled as spam. I have found a few Forum replies, or stuff that could be spam in the spam box. I randomly go through the spam folder and sometimes see one email mislabeled as spam. But i wouldn’t care if i never read that email, or what i do these days, is just look at the subject.

Lately i am getting so much spam in my inbox. And they are pretty much the same spam messages as you can see in the picture. I get those spam messages daily, google is starting to piss me off for the first time.