We Mad Humble. MIA concert review

I didn't know what to expect from an MIA concert, especially one at the Henry Fonda. I saw a video of her concert at coachella and she seemed like super fun. I do enjoy her music, her album "Arular" is good, but the album "Piracy Funds Terrorism, Vol. 1" is the awesome. Its the same album, but with better beats and hooks. I wasn't to impressed with the crowd at the Fonda, I was expecting more of a hip hop crowd. But i guess thats what you expect at the fonda right.

We did not catch the opening act, i don't even know there name. We were hanging out on the roof hatin on everyone there. I didn't know that shiny legs are the new pink and flair is the new black.

At about 10:15 t he curtains raised and Dj Contra did his set for about 20 minutes. I liked seeing a good DJ every once and awhile but i wasn't in the mood for seeing a DJ set. He pulled some good records, but i was just antsing to see some MIA.

When she finally came onstage the group of girls next to use went nuts. Which is a rarity to see at a Los Angeles show. No matter who the band is, dancing is rare. But she did a great job of making the people dance.

I was happy to find out that she played most of her songs from "Piracy Funds Terrorism, Vol. 1", which i was very happy to hear. The beats from that album are good dancing beats. At first i was scared that she wasn't going to sound good live, but after the first two songs she got her thing going on. And she has great stage presence, it was just her the DJ and her friend who took up the whole stage. Normal Hip-Hop acts need like five or six people to take up a stage like that.

It was a great show and i would go see any MIA show again. I had a great time, and my friend who probably has never heard an MIA song before had a great time also. Thank you Erin for the ticket, you are awesome! I had a great time, Thank You.