TV Turnoff Week : 2006

I am taking part of TV Turn of week. Starting yesterday i will not watch any television. This means anything Tivo’d and i am going to take it a step further and say no downloaded shows either. I will just watch those shows next monday. I have already noticed a difference of not turning the tv on. During dinner me and my girlfriend usually put on a movie or just put on the tv. I didn’t take it to the extreme last night, i cheated and i watched some Tivo’d Elizabeth I. But not anymore, the TV will be off. I usually put on the tv when i go to bed, but last night i did not. I forgot and i turned on the tv this morning for a second, because it is just ritual. But i quickly turned it off. Support TV Turn off week, and see how much TV is in your life. Turn off that TV! For more information about TV Turn Off Week, please check out : TV Turn Off Week and The Tv Turn Off Organization
. Did Jack Bauer take out the President, Who did Tony Soprano k, Did all of the Lost characters die? I won’t know until May 1st, And either should you, Turn off that TV!