We are The Singles Generation

When i got into music, i loved listening to the whole CD. I don't know if that has to do with the fact that good music came out 10 to 15 years ago. Or I just didn't know anything. I have read that the singles charts have gone to the dogs the past couple of years. And that stores don't carry singles anymore. I would love listening to the whole album, even if there were only a couple of hits.

As of late, since i have an ipod, i don't like listening to albums all the way throught. I don't even pick artists only to listen to. I only pick from certain playlists. I have about 30 or 40 playlists actually. I only choose between about four playlists; Top Rated, Most Played, Never Listened to, Good Music. Good Music is the only custom playlist that i listen to regularly. That playlist consists only of new music that gets high rating from my friends and from people who i trust.

iTunes doesn't like albums either. There is no option for highest rated album. If you name your songs wrong, even the songs won't go together. Itunes doesn't show the highest selling albums on the main page. It shows the top selling singles. That is probably because they sell more singles at 99 cents a piece than the price of a whole album 9.99 (depending).

Especially now that albums are being pushed out the stores as fast as the artist can make them. Albums are sucking more and more lately. I can only think of a few great albums that i like listening to all the way through.

I know that people have gotten sick of buying the whole album, just for the one song that they liked. Why aren't the record companies pushing singles like they used to anymore? I don't think that they like to adjust to new molds. Or be forced to try new things on there own. There just old men who don't like change and they want to change on there own terms.

I love my ipod and i love all the singles that are on it. And i would like to thank apple for all there work in changing the music industry. They wern't going to do it on there own. They were just going to keep suing the downloaders hoping that would scare people away from downloading. But downloading hasn't stopped it has increased. I am just a casual downloader anyways.