First Song Added to iTunes

мека мебел

I lost my music Hard Drive once in my life. It was extremely sad, I had some of the stuff on cd’s, but it wasn’t everything. So every once and awhile I will look for an album or an artist and they won’t be there, and it will make me sad. Well, I just go on iTunes and hope that they are on there and buy the CD.

So just now, I was thinking about the artist μ-Ziq, before today I had known nothing about him. Well either way thats not the point, I had some μ-Ziq in my iTunes, And I was very happy about that. Then I though, What is the oldest song in my iTunes library. Well thats what you see above. That is probably around the time that I lost my Hard Drive and was downloading music off of mp3 sites. The first four songs added to my iTunes were:
“Like Humans Do (radio edit)” By David Byrne, Added on 9/16/2006 5:20 PM
“Yours to Keep (Featuring Neneh Cherry)” By Teddybears, Added on 9/16/2006 5:21 PM
“She Can Do What She Wants” By Field Music, Added on 9/28/2006 11:22 AM
“Robo” By How I Became The Bomb, Added on 9/28/2006 11:22AM

Out of those four Bands, I only really listen to How I Became The Bomb. On 11/18/2006 is when I started to add music from my collection.

Update: “She Can Do What She Wants” By Field Music is actually “Kneel Before Zod” – How I Became The Bomb.


Arcade Fire w/ Synchronized Artwork

I love the new Arcade Fire album, and now someone found out about this easter egg for it. It is called Synchronized Artwork and it is mainly used on iTunes for audio books and the like. I don’t know if this is the first time that a band has used it or not, but it is definitely neat. Too my knowledge you have to buy it from Arcade Fire directly to see this working.