Roxanna Rawson, Roxy Rawson

Roxy RawsonI posted a song by Roxanna Rawson the other day, i liked the song a lot. And hoping that maybe, just maybe there would be people out there who have more songs from her. And low and behold a couple of days later, she leaves a comment on my site. And she says that she has a myspace page with a few more songs on it! Roxy Rawson rocks, Go check out her myspace,

This is the origional post i did with roxys comments,

Other posts about Roxanna Rawson coming to myspace,

And of course Roxanna Rawsons myspace page again,

become her friend, if i had a myspace account i would. I like her music. And she has some great other songs. That picture ison her myspace page, i bet she has more pictures, but i don’t have an account, so i cant see. So it will have to do.