Pictures Updates

I have uploaded some new pictures from halloween! I have been pretty lax about taking pictures recently. I think because i only had one battery charger recently i wouldn’t bring my camera around. Well Anyways here they are:

Loose Tooth Who Knows High School Halloween

Halloween House Party Halloween at the Standard

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Loose Tooth Who KnowsOn a Random Thursday Night at Loose Tooth. Just some random pictures that i took. I think it was the thursday before halloween because Frankie Chan is in a monkey suit. Amanda is going to be mad at me because i put this picture up of her yawning. She was also mad at me that night because we wore the same obey tshirts. Mine is the guys version and hers is the girls version, but whatever, she was mad at me. I have the same tshirt that Shepard fairy has also, i had mine along time before he had his, =P. And then Jason outside playing with his lighter, i would be doing the same thing, it gets so boring outside.

High School HalloweenThis was on a friday night, Erin and I had just got our costumes ready. My friend matt knew about a house party that was going on in West Hollywood. I love stepping into a house and knowing nobody, its a great feeling. I don’t know why, but it seemed like everyone at this party was in High School. Everyone looked really young and i don’t know, but it felt weird. This was testing out our halloween costume of a Preacher and a School Boy. We learned a few things this night so the next night we were more prepared to get into it all. I got that shirt and the pants at the the thrift store, Valley Thrift. The shoes are from Payless Shoe Store, and the bible is my own. Stolen from Devonshire Church, while i was a boyscout.

Halloween House PartyOn Friday night we were all prepared to go out for some halloweening! Erin and I were more prepared for our costumes this night. We had more sthick this time and i think people were more understand of us. Erin had her hair pushed back more and there is a rumor that she had a sock in her pants. I don’t know why, but people said stuff like, wow thats a pretty risky costume. I guess we don’t care that much about Jesus striking us down anytime soon. And he would be forgiving because, well thats what he does.

Halloween at the Standard

On actual Halloween night we went out to Santa Monica Blvd for the “parade” that they have going on there. If you have never been it is a blast to go once in your life. To see some great costumes of guys dressed up as sone hot girls. The best costume i saw was this guy dressed up as a priest and he had a little stuffed “boy” giving him a blowjob. He was just standing there and moving the boy back and forth it was quite funny. I had never seen so many people stopping and taking pictures. I felt like i was going to die so i didn’t take any pictures while we were on the strip. Afterwards we went back to the hotel room at the Standard Sunset and just hung out in the room.

This was the first year that i had a great halloween. I enjoyed my costume and it was easy to put together. I had a great time, because i was with my friends..