Obey Sample Sale !!

Update June 7th: Updated Posts Here

I left work early today and went to the Obey Sample Sale. I havn’t liked what obey has put out in the past. But this years line is awesome. They have a lot of sweet tshirts and pants. I only usually wear obey hats, but now i am wearing all sorts of obey stuff. I like representing obey also, its kind of a joke to me. But the sample sale going on Saturday June 24th is not to be missed. If you like Obey clothes, or even if you like obey clothes, this is not to be missed. Click on the picture for the flyer and pictures of the line to get in. Here are Directions. The prices are as follows: Hats $5-10, T-shirts $10, Shorts $20. Thats all i remember, but Saturday is the last day. Go check it out.

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