No fees on Coinstar with Gift Cerificate

I don’t know exactly how long it too us to fill up the bottle. It was full, so we had to take it to get emptied and get some cash in exchange, hopefully. Between Erin and I, we have access to about five banks. None of which have a coin counting machine that I have googled about.

So I googled coinstar to learn how to maybe hack it so I could get cash without paying there percentage. I learned that you don’t have to pay a fee when you get your change for gift cards from certain places. I do enough shopping at Amazon where it worked out great.

Below is what we got, Worked out great.

Here is the damage:
Dollars: 7
Half Dollars: 0
Quarters: 493
Dimes: 1085
Nickels: 631
Pennies: 2771

I think with this I am going to buy a Drobo.

I forgot the international change that came out of it!