New Favorite Print Shop: Steady Print Co.

I buy a lot of art, The most I have ever spent on art was about 100 dollars. If I see something that I like I will buy it. It is sort of a terrible impulse that I have. And most art on the internet is sold through paypal, and I know my paypal login and password. So without even having to go get my wallet, type in some Credit Card numbers. I can enter in my login and password and boom, a month later, art is at my doorstep. This happens a lot also, I will receive a package and have no idea what it is.

Anyways, I just came across these kids, Steady Print Co.. They are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is cool, I guess.

I don’t normally like text on my art, or words actually. They have some really good word based art. Two of my favorites are:

You can get both of those prints for only $30 dollars, I think thats a steal. One critique of the site, is that I would like to view all of the posters. I wouldn’t normally click on each poster to see it, but because I would looking for the top one, I had to click through them all. Prices at the top also.

Buy em here.