Music Video Television is Getting Worse

I couldn't sleep today, so i turned on the television and to my surprise MTV was playing music videos. Im not going to rant about how MTV doesn't play music videos anymore. Because music videos don't make money anymore. And i understand this. But i guess at 6 o clock in the morning thats when there viewer-ship must be its lowest. Only because thats when they play music videos and not Laguna Beach.

The Miami Herald has reported that MTV's viewer-ship has been declining. But they only report that its because of other reasons like the olympics and other freak occurrences.

At six o clock in the morning though, MTV's demographic isn't the 12-24 year olds, but probably the 19 years and older. There usual demographic is at school and they can show music videos. Even though they only play two music videos and then there usual amount of commercials. Which was extremely annoying, but again i go back to, there viewer-ship in the morning is probably very low. So they can do almost whatever they want at this time.

I did see the new kelly clarkson and a lot of bands i have never heard of. Green Days "Wake Me Up When September Ends" Video was the best video i have seen. The worst video was Kanye West's "Gold Digger." Update: While i was dotting the i's to this, Frankie J's, "More Than Words" came on. Winner, worst video.

Who watches music videos on MTV anyways, go look at these great sources for music videos:,,

Here is a tutorial on how to download music videos from yahoo to your computer for later viewing: