Moby at Avalon

URB Magazine celebrated its 15 years of existence by throwing a party all over the country. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Los Angeles event at the Avalon. the event featured Moby and Jason Bentley and others were scheduled to appear. We didn’t show up till about when Jason Bentley started to DJ. There wasn’t a lot of people there when i showed up. And there wasn’t a line or anything that i am used to seeing at the Avalon.

I have never seen Moby DJ, and i was happy that i got to see him do it for free. I don’t think that i would have payed money to see him DJ. I would only pay to see a few people DJ, and thats a very small list. I hadn’t been to a rave in years, and this felt just like that. Just with a high class vibe, An older high class vibe.

I wasn’t much feeling for Moby’s DJ skills, but he put on a few good records that would have gotten my booty shaking if i was on X or acid. We stayed up on the top floor and watched everything from above. As we are of the older generation and i don’t like getting bumped to much anymore. Moby played a Mylo cut and i was very happy about that. We left pretty early and we would have left sooner, but i wanted to heard one good Moby cut. So i made the decision after i went to the bathroom and one more record we are leaving, so that was it. Moby is boring, and i wouldn’t go see him DJ again.

I have some video of the stage which is pretty awesome, check it: