iTunes Rating and Play Counts

Well i did some bad things recently and i have learned my mistakes. I used musicbrainz to tagg all my mp3 files correctly as sometimes i or my friends have mistakenly tagged files or didn’t add track numbers or whatever. MusicBrainz does a good job, but i accidentilly clicked on the rename files. So in itunes i had thousands of files not found. I did have a backup of the xml file that itunes makes, but that wouldn’t do me any good. The mp3 filenames have been changed.

I did not want to go through and rate all the songs again. But what else am i going to do? I have to rate the songs!

So i deleted all of the mp3’s from itunes and re added them. Zero Play Count, Zero Ratings. When i plugged in my ipod, iTunes yelled at me. Not enough space for all the music. Because i have a playlist that is Never played before. Stupid ipod not being 140 gigs. So i just made a Smart Playlist that consists of 25 gigs of random music that has never been played.

And i have been burning through the mp3’s right now on my ipod. Rating like crazy, for music that i don’t like i have been giving them 1 star. And when i get home i will delete those songs immediately. And in the process i have found some good music that i might have passed by and would have probabbly never ever listened to.