Is that Beck?

Me and my friend tried to go see Arcade Fire Last night at Spaceland in Los Feliz. The only line i have ever waited in at Spaceland was probably 1 person in front of me. And they were probably holding up the line because they didn’t have there id. Anyways, the line was off the hook last night, it went around the whole Spaceland parking lot. We got there at 8 and saw some friends in line and decided that they probably wouldn’t be able to get in, so we boned out and got some beers and head to a friends house.

My friends band, Wonerland was playing at silverlake lounge, so we decided that we would head over there and see him play. We head over to silverlake lounge and we see the lead singer of the band outside looking frantic. Trying to find his drummer. Hes not here he said, and he doesn’t have a cell phone. So we decide to try our luck back at Spaceland one more time, maybe the line has died down, maybe we can just walk in. We get there and there is like 20 people in line, not that bad of a line. So we decide to wait.

10 minutes later while standing in line. A few minutes later a girl gets in line behind us, and 10 minutes later, this guy gets in line behind her. He gets her attention and starts talking to her like they are old friends. They were old friends, i look back to see them talking and low and behold its beck. They chat it up for a few minutes then he says, ohhh i think i am on the list and walks up to the front of the line. He comes back seconds later and says, yeah i was on the list but there not letting anyone in. By this time a few people have left the line, and maybe a few people have been let inside. So theres about 15 people in the line now. If i was Beck, i would have gone home, im not on the list screw that, im outa here. Beck gets back in line and waits another 10 more minutes.

10 minutes later we decide to leave and try and catch my friends band at the Silverlake Lounge. My friend says that he loves beck and he loves midnight vultures then we leave beck alone. We get back to the Silverlake Lounge and we catch three songs from Wonderland. And we get to see the new asian keyboardist. There music is okay, but i am friends with two people in the band and i like supporting them. We should have invited Beck to come to the show, now that would have been the tops.