If you have a home button in your navigation, You lost the internet

I am no web designer, I use the internet a lot. I don’t normally browse the internet per say, I use it to answer my question. But when a website tells a story, I will read it. But how I and a majority of people use the internet is like this, google question, website answer. And most of the time the answer isn’t on your homepage, its on a single page deep inside of your website, on a post that you did years ago. So the most important part of your website is going to be the single page. And I am not going to click on home to find out more about you, I might click on the about page to see more about who you are personally, and what else you have done. But then what? Most of the time thats a dead end and I close the page altogether. You shouldn’t use the navigation above as the only way to navigate, in the about page could maybe show more articles that you think are important. Relavent links are always welcoming, I have never clicked on any, But I like seeing that you are at least trying.

If you have a home butto in your navigation, You lost the internet. It is common knowledge that clicking on the logo of the website will take you home. The navigation bar is very valuable space that needs to be curated very precisely. It shouldn’t be the only way that you get people to navigate your site. I think internal linking is a lost artform, but if use it properly people will do it more.

– Don’t make the homepage the most important part of your website.
– Tell a story with your website.
– Find out where people enter your website and figure out how to get them to click somewhere else in your website.
– Don’t let your website have a dead end.

This is just a blog, so I have tons of dead links, but as a company you shouldn’t be just a blog. You should be telling a story with your website.