I Hate 24

I love two shows currently on T.V. right now. These two shows are Lost and 24. The reason why i hate these shows is pretty obvious, i am addicted to them!

I didn’t start watching Lost until it was done with the first season and i could rent the DVD. I did this because i knew that if i started watching it during the season i would get mad at it, and throw something ta my T.V. So i didn’t, i just wanted for the dvd.

It is hard now, i cannot wait for the dvd, i have to watch every new show. I have to know whats going on every week. Not every week per say, but i have to know whats going on.

I don’t know how i got into this mode and it is killing me. I have never been like this for a T.V. show. I have always let weeks past before i just catched a show on the T.V. The producers/directors of both of these shows have tapped into my brain and figured out a way. They have figured out a way to get me addicted to these shows like cigarettes.

This has started me to think that the T.V. shows are working with cigarette companies, since they know what is addicting. Maybe soon, one day, T.V. shows like Lost and 24 will be illegal to watch indoors. Or maybe one day it will be illegal everywhere like in it is in certain cities now.

But until then i will keep watching 24 and Lost. Are they addicting? Or are those T.V. shows just very good.