I got Boogers

Around this time of year i always get a lot of boogers. I was trying to find out a reason as to why i got so many boogers right now. Just this morning i pulled out two huge boogers and i am still working on the smaller boogers right now. So i tried to do a little research as to why i get boogers, so i searched google. And i didn’t find anything of importance in there except for this article on kidshealth.org. Which says:

If you have to get rid of boogers, your best bet is to blow ’em out of your nose and into a tissue. Picking your nose isn’t a great idea because boogers contain lots of dirt and germs and because poking around in your nose can make it bleed.

So now i gotta blow them out and stop picking them. Its bad etiquette to pick them anyways, so im not going to pick them i am going to blow them out from now on. But i will still be on the lookout for more research on why i got so many boogers right now.