How to use iTunes to Download Free Music

Hype Machine

I have known about The Hype Machine maybe since its inception. i probably went to it everyday when it was created, but i forgot about it, completely. Until recently when mentioned it again to me. I think he said something on the lines of “God nothing good on hype machine today.” Which reminded me that i need to check out the hype machiine again. When i loaded up the page, i noticed one big difference. The podcast button, which completely blew my mind. So i clicked on that button, added it to itunes and changed the settings for it to check for new podcasts every hour. So every hour or so, i will get new mp3’s. Some are bad songs, but some are great songs. Thats just how it is you know. Its a great free way to get new, old, mp3’s. When i am not at home or without an ipod, i click on the flash so i can stream some mp3’s.