Cleaning up Website

I had some free time this weekend and started to work on this website. I had used this website as a test bed for some wordpress plugins and other things. First thing i did was go through the db and delete anything that I thought wasn’t related, or was installed and not un-installed. I like having a clean db, and this worked out well and was easy to do. I have some experience in what is needed and not needed, so it was easy for me to do. But I don’t recommend that you do this. I didn’t even backup the db! I then updated the WordPress to the 3.0 beta 2 and initialized the 2010 theme.

The next thing I did was delete some folders and files that I know aren’t being used. I found an old Gallery2 installation and transfered the albums folder locally. I then deleted the whole folder, it took some hours to do over ftp. After that I created a Gallery category and a gallery page. I did this so I can customize the gallery page, and make it look more like a photo gallery than a blog. I started uploading some of the albums from gallery2 and was looking at how WordPress uses the image and galley features and customizing it using a child theme. I have never done this before, so it took some time to do. I was going to write my own function to grab the first image from a gallery, but apparently Wordpress already made one for me in the 2010 theme! So, I just had to copy and paste, I didn’t fine this until about an hour after I was working on my own. There doesn’t seem to be many websites talking about this, so I am going to change that later today on my tips for wordpress website.

Its lunch time, Talk to you later