Here are the things that I remembered about you:

  • One time you ate the couch in half
  • You would get excited about the windshield wiper, you maybe thought it was a bird
  • When I would drive you in fey, the leaves would come out from underneath the hood and you would look backwards at the leaves flying out of the car
  • The first time I drove you downtown to Erin’s loft, you sat on my lap most of the way
  • It made me laugh when we went to the dog park and when you got tired with catching the ball, you would just go and lay down in the shade

Restart OS X daily from crontab

I am running some scripts and they are faulty terrible scripts, So they make the computer run slow. I wanted to restart the OS X computer every night to just refresh what they did. I was having troubles with this and finally just sat down and troubleshooted it.

In Terminal:

sudo crontab -e

In Crontab, And enter this and change the time to when you want to restart OS X:

10 0 * * * /sbin/shutdown -r now

The above code will restart the computer at 00:10 every day (morning)

Hopefully this will help others as it has helped me. 


The last day I ever competed in BMX

I had boxes of BMX trophies from when I competed in BMX racing.  All of them were first place. I was to Young to remember everything, I really only remember the last day that I ever rode BMX competitively. 

The BMX racetrack was more than an hour away. It was in Oxnard, we had to take four freeways there and the last one wasn’t finished being built. From there it was an hour drive by streets. My bike was attached to the roof of the car on a roof rack. 

We get going and by the time we get to the third freeway I hear a wiggle from the roof. This wasn’t normal and I look backwards and I see my bike landing on the freeway behind us and see a car run over it. I was devastated. We stop the car to get it and it is mangled beyond recognition.

We drive back to the house and I grab my heavy duty BMX bike. That is just for riding around the neighborhood. It weighs a ton, and I am devastated about the bicycle that just got destroyed. 

We hop back into the car and race to make it to the competition. We make it on time and I notice that one of my rivals is now sponsored by 7-eleven. He has a tent setup just for him. I don’t really know if I knew who he was or even if he was my rivals. But I remember being floored by this. I had won every race, why didnt I have this. 

I remember being forced to race, I wanted nothing to do with it. After the gate opens I remember going towards the first turn and just falling over and getting mangled with the other riders. I don’t know why, but I did my best to just finish the race. I remember it being the only time that I ever fell in a race. It was the only partcipation trophy I had ever recieved. 

At the end of this, I knew it was my last BMX race ever. I was defeated. I had won so many races before and this was my first loss. I had never had these feelings before. I didn’t want to ever feel that way again. 

And I never did. I never did a BMX competition after that. I thought that the bike is what helped me win. Writing this now is the only time I have ever really talked about it. Some thirty years later. 


My 21st Birthday

My 21st Birthday was weird, Or I remember it being weird. Bill and Pam threw a birthday party for me at the house. All of my friends were invited at the time. So it was maybe four or five of my friends there. 

It is weird that they threw a birthday party for me at the house. It is weird that my friends came. 

It finally ended being weird when Bill said that he was going to jail tomorrow. 

I think I got a watch as a present. 


From Prison

I don’t know how I was chosen to be the one that was going to pick Bill up from the Prison. But I was picked to go get him. This was the time before iPhones, So I had to print out a directions on how to get there. I don’t remember where it was or the name. I remember it was up the 5 freeway, maybe just past the grapevine. 

I get going and am arriving early, So I pull over and check out a local nik nak store and Gas up. I get going after this and head to where I was told to pick up my dad. I get there and the guy tells me, oh you are late you have to go pick him up at the other facility now. Oh man, I thought I had everything timed correctly. To the right it is what a Prison looks like, to the left is what a college campus looks like. I see Bill to the left. 

He gets in and says, your late.

We get driving, I don’t remember any conversation besides the “your late.” He says that he is hungry, so we stop at Carls Jr. I don’t remember getting anything there, I don’t eat at Carls Jr. 

We start going again and I thought that we were driving home. Apparently we were going straight to the Half Way house that he was staying at. I don’t know if I had a map for it, or what. But thats where we go, it was right down the street from where he used to work. So I wonder if he knew where it was.