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  • Restart OS X daily from crontab

    I am running some scripts and they are faulty terrible scripts, So they make the computer run slow. I wanted to restart the OS X computer every night to just refresh what they did. I was having troubles with this and finally just sat down and troubleshooted it. In Terminal: sudo crontab -e In Crontab, […]

  • The last day I ever competed in BMX

    I had boxes of BMX trophies from when I competed in BMX racing.  All of them were first place. I was to Young to remember everything, I really only remember the last day that I ever rode BMX competitively.  The BMX racetrack was more than an hour away. It was in Oxnard, we had to […]

  • My 21st Birthday

    My 21st Birthday was weird, Or I remember it being weird. Bill and Pam threw a birthday party for me at the house. All of my friends were invited at the time. So it was maybe four or five of my friends there.  It is weird that they threw a birthday party for me at […]

  • From Prison

    I don’t know how I was chosen to be the one that was going to pick Bill up from the Prison. But I was picked to go get him. This was the time before iPhones, So I had to print out a directions on how to get there. I don’t remember where it was […]

  • Senate Intelligence Committee

    If I started a second clothing company, I would call it Senate Intelligence Committee. And maybe just SIC. The first shirt would have this logo on it: Thats it.