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  • Birdy Nam Nam – Absesses

    The DMC World Team Champions – 4 DJs from Paris.

  • Does the Valley have cred now?

    If you missed the last episode of entourage your missing the best show on TV. Even though it is on HBO, it should still count for being t he best show on going on. If you haven’t seen an episode of entourage you should check it out now. If you don’t have HBO, I know […]

  • Comcastic – Karaoke on Demand

    Is there that much of a demand for karaoke that comcast needs to make it an option to have it on demand? I do have to admit that the commercials are funny with Mr. T breaking down the wall of the guy singing in the shower. Mr. T should be knocking him out and saying, […]

  • Dane Cook Sucks

    I was looking forward to Dane Cook’s new show “Tourgasm”. I was excited enough that i would watch entourage first and then watch the dane cook show. As i would be laughing so much i couldn’t watch anything else. But after watching the Dane Cook show, my girlfriend asked if we wanted to watch entourage […]

  • Streaming TV Shows Online

    Why is the first channel to sream there tv shows online? I would have thought that NBC would be the first network to do this. But aparantly they are going to be the last, now that will be showing Two episodes of “24” on there website, sponsored by burger king. I have taken […]