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  • Double Viking has a list of 15 Great Han Solo Quotes

    This blog is starting to get heavily into star wars! Well thats because i love star wars. Eat it! The best one, of course, is: 1. “I love you.” “I know. Check 

  • Where is this Quote from?

    "we really do need to move on and meet new people and have new relationships." Anyone know where this is from? i don't know either, i just love it.

  • Star Wars Quote

    Dooku lifted an eyebrow. "Unless one of you happens to be carrying Yoda in his pocket, I hardly think I shall need one."

  • Movie Quote

    “But right now i feel kind of akward thats why i made that awfull remark.” How many times have you wanted to say that, but never had the guts to actually say it. I don’t know what movie this is from, but i wrote it down on my computer because i loved it so much.…