Category: Design

  • How Logos are made

    I love it when designers post the transition of a logo. From the very beginning sketches to the final touches. Check out Verle Blog on how the logo got created.

  • Obey Clothing Sample Sale – 2006

    Date: June 16th and June 17th Its that time again, Obey Clothing is having there annual Sample Sale. So head on down to the OC and get yourself some T-shirts, Sportwear, Accessories, One of a kind samples and More! Early arrival is important as the lines are always very long. Sounds provided by DJ Pubes […]

  • Trash Can’s in Los Angeles

    Why are the Recycling trash cans the biggest trash can’s? The black trash can’s are the smallest out of the three trash cans. I guess when you are mowing your lawn or pulling the weeds, that gets a lot of Mulch. At my house we have Two black trash can’s, two green trash can’s and […]

  • New Pictures; Magazine Covers, Wilshire Walk

    I scanned in a lot of my favorite magazine covers, You can see the pictures in the Gallery in the Magazine Covers section. And i had a few minutes before my job interview, so i took pictures around the la brea tar pits and on wilshire. Check out the pictures in Wilshire Walk. Hope you […]

  • Subliminal Projects Myspace

    I redesigned the Subliminal Projects myspace site at: I don’t have a before picture, but you can go check out what it looks like now. I am very pleased with the final design, and the gallery is very happy with what it looks like. It will be changing quite a bit, as i got […]