A review of Bookdog

versiontracker.com could help me in this simple pursuit of a program to help me out. I probably tried them all out until i ran across Bookdog on versiontracker or the developers website at www.sheepsystems.com/bookdog. (You can click on all the pictures to see larger versions)

The basics of Bookdog are that it sorts your bookmarks based on how you want them to be sorted. When you first open up bookdog it gives you a bunch of examples and you can change them depending on your own preferences. I liked how bookdog has theirs set up default so i just used that. The program asked for a bunch of things, but i just used whatever they had as default.

When Bookdog opens up you are presented with a screen as to sort and save your bookmarks. I don't think that it can get much easier than this. This is exactly what i was looking for. Then i see some other buttons, Analyze, Show Outline, Fix Duplicates, Verify and Fix Broken. To my surprise Bookdog also checks for duplicates and to see if there are any broken links in your bookmarks and tries to fix them for you.

After running sorting and saving my bookmarks i ran the Fix Duplicates button and it shows me both links and asks me which one i want to delete. Clearly showing where each of the links are located, in which folder. This was very helpful as i have been trying to centralize my bookmarks onto my laptop. Five computers, five different bookmarks, all combined into one big messy bookmark file. I don't know exactly how many bookmarks i had before i ran bookmark, but i know it was a lot.

Lastly i ran the verify links. This will try and connect to all the bookmarks that you have and see if they exist anymore. If you are given a 404 error, it will tell you and you have the option of leaving the bookmark as it is, or you can change it to the top level domain. If there is a this page has moved, bookdog knows this and changes the link. Nothing happens until you click and save, so no worries, bookdog doesn't do this on its own. But whatever bookdog told me, i just let it to it on its own.

You are also showed an outline of all of your links. I didn't use this at all, but i figure that some people like to look at there links. I have no problem looking at my links in safari. Who knows, people are weird i guess.

After i was done running all of Bookdogs options, i have 827 bookmarks. I only use 449 of those bookmarks on a daily basis. And all of those links are in my Bookmarks Bar in Safari. The rest of the links are just random links that i have bookmarked over the years that maybe i would want to use again in the future. But i doubt i have ever used them. Bookdog made me think, do i actually need all of those Bookmarks at all? Well at least they are all sorted and pretty looking now. You can look at all the pictures in the Bookdog a Review, in the Gallery.