Anthony Lister Sells Out

Let me just say this first off, I love Anthony Lister’s work. I have been waiting to get one of his superman prints for a long time. The prices are just getting to where they should be right now and I can’t wait to put it up on the wall. I have met him a few times, and he is friends of friends.

This latest piece on the Melrose Barracuda wall is an advertisement for the release of “Rise of the the Planet of the Apes”, done by Anthony Lister.

I have never seen Lister do anything like this, But I am not following him like crazy. But this is called selling out. Now I don’t think that selling out is a bad thing at all. It is smart, If I could sell out, I would sell out faster than Mr. Lister. This chance will never happen to me, Or I hope that it will one day. But there is no real chance that it ever will. I am not an artist and my work isn’t related to selling out ever (which I find sad, and will work on figuring out a way to sell out). Anyways, the idea of selling out if funny to me. What are the levels of selling out? And if one “underground” artist sells out, is it still selling out? I wouldn’t put Lister in the list of underground artists in anyway, his work is amazing and he often sell’s out his shows anyways. But if for say some higher level artist Sells out, he gets lambasted on the web.

The ultimate trump card in selling out and copying and fair use is the artist Andy Warhol. How long did it take for Andy Warhol to sell out? Was he considered a sell out, even during his time? I am really just sick of hearing the words sell out really. It is just a jealous term. I think it is a great way for artists to get there name out. I want more people to know about Anthony Lister, I just don’t want his art prices to go up. They are still to expensive for me!

Photo credit: Daily Dujour