Adelphia changes Channels

well adelphia changed there channels in my area. I am on ghetto Cable, i only have one premium channel, HBO. There is about 77 channels, and i am guessing only 30 channels are in english. I don't care that there is so many english channels at all. I mind that how they were grouped before was GREAT. channels 1 through 13 were in english, 14 – 44 were in every other language, and 45 – 75 were mainly in english. Now the system is completely backwards every 10 channels is an english channel. i had to shift through all the channels that i don't really care about to get to a channel that i care about. Well i did the next logical step, i just deleted every channel that i don't watch. I hate adelphia, and i don't watch tv anyways. So i only have 4 channels on my tv now. Comedy Central, FOX, BET and VH1.