Got my DODO Case

I ordered my DODO Case for my iPad the second I was getting the 3g 64gig version. It took over two months for it to arrive but I am happy to say that it exceeds my expectation of it.

Right when it comes out of the box.

Fits the iPad 3g perfectly.

I was afraid I would have to shave it down so the power cord would fit. But apparently this is version two of the DODO case.

Looks like a book, no idea that it is an iPad. Awesome, and it does a better job of protecting the iPad than the Apple iPad holder. This feels much more sturdier.

I want a Clear iPhone

I was just reading about how apple are having problems with the white paint for the new Apple iPhone 4th generation phones. How hard would it be to make it clear? I mean they already know how to make some sort of clear plastic for the first iMac. Why can’t they make the iphone clear. It would be dope. I guess it wouldn’t be that interesting, they would have to move the battery around so you could see the circuit board or something.