My Top 10 Songs from 2009

Here is my Top Ten Songs listened to from iTunes from the year 2009.

I got this my creating a smart playlist in iTunes with the rules:
Year is 2009
Limit to 10 items selected by most often played

01. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home
02. The xx – Islands
03. Cale Parks – Running Family
04. Karen O and the Kids – All Is Love (From “Where the Wild Things Are”)
05. Jay-Z – Run This Town [Ft. Kanye West & Rihanna]
06. Radiohead VS M.I.A – Surprise Paper Planes (verslon 2)
07. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero
08. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll
09. Jay-Z – D.O.A. [Death Of Auto-Tune]
10. Jaydiohead – No Karma

Surprising for me to see that there are only three songs that I didn’t pay for on the list. And those three are mashups or the like. Cale Parks just made the list these past weeks.


Getting Married in LA Now Costs $90

It now costs a couple $90 to get married, this is a $20 raise from last year. This is supposed to give the county $500,000 more this year. Good things are happen to you if you wait.


Gift from INCASE

Just received this from INCASE.




You can see more on my flickr. Thanks!


The Small Calendar 2010

This mini calender is amazing, I am going to put it into my wallet even thought I can use my iPhone to do the same thing. But it is an amazing idea and I wish that all calenders include this on every page. Wouldn’t have to switch to another page ever.

Instructions are simple, click on the day in the middle and then go up or down depending on which month you want to know the day for. The color coding tells you how many days are in a month.

More information here.


VLC is awesome

This is how awesome VLC is, I opened up VLC today to watch some legal movies and then boom it has a santa hat on it! How awesome would quicktime be if you opened it up and it had a Santa Hat on like this, I would probably use it more.