Month: July 2007

  • Our House

  • Grand Central is awesome

    One number for everything. How great is that?! And you can record the conversation, below is my conversation with myself. I have a few invites if you want one….

  • Today is free squishee DAY

    Today at 7-11 you can get a free squishee!

  • How Michael Bay Saved money on Transformers

    This is how Michael Bay saved money on making the Transformers. The top image is from the movie Pearl Harbor, while the bottom one is from Transformers.  All they had to do was CG out the old looking stuff and make it new looking. This probably saved him, i don’t know 10 million dollars. I […]

  • The best news i have heard all year

    It was rumors and then now we know that it is true. The Spice Girls are back together again! I hope that i didn’t make my girlfriend throw out her Spice Girls hat, because she could wear it to the concert. It is also reported that there has been over 1,000,000 requests for tickets to […]