Month: March 2007

  • Don’t you like Freedom?

    Wow, those army recruiters sure are getting pushy. Or I just look like the perfect demographic for them. I was walking to the Metro today and all of a sudden this car pulls up next to me. I thought that he was asking for directions, so i pull my headphones off. “I wanted to tell […]

  • 300 sucks

    No it doesn’t, it rocks! Go see it now. Aleady saw it? Well go see it again, like i am going to.

  • Intacto

    I am not done watching this movie. It is basically about the ability to steal other peoples luck. And they play games based on how lucky they are. One of them is you have to touch another person and then roll a dice to see how lucky they are based on the person that they […]

  • The Bridge Ticket Troubles

    I only go to the bridge when arclight isn’t playing a particular movie that i want to go see. This friday 300 is coming out. And the arc light isn’t playing 300 so i had to get tickets at the bridge. After about two hours of trying and trying and trying back and forth, i […]