Please Don’t Stuffit Anymore

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This is a call out to all Macintosh OS X users out there. Why do you still use stuffit?

There was a reason back in the days of Mac OS 9 that you needed stuffit. But now that OS X includes its own “archiving” program. There is no need for stuffit anymore. Zip is a valid way to archive things and mostly every computer will be able to open it.

If you don’t know how to zip something in Mac OS X here is a quick tutorial:
1. Find the file/folder that you want to zip.
2. Right click on the file/folder.
3. Select create archive of…
4. Done.

I know stuffit has a free program of its Stuffit Deluxe program, but i don’t understand why they are still in business.

“No” Protest on Western and Wilshire

“No” Protest at Western and Wilshire. It ended peacfully, he went down the ladder and was promptly arrested. I assume that it was a No War protest, since they have been happening alot lately.

If you can’t see him, he is on top of the elevator on a ladder. If you click on the image flickr will help you see him.