Month: June 2006

  • Slang

    Matt will cry knowing that i caught myself saying, “Fucking Ell.” He doesn’t read my blog anyways, so he will never know.

  • Does the Valley have cred now?

    If you missed the last episode of entourage your missing the best show on TV. Even though it is on HBO, it should still count for being t he best show on going on. If you haven’t seen an episode of entourage you should check it out now. If you don’t have HBO, I know […]

  • Best Place to get Pizza in LA

    Everyone has there own “Best” Pizza place. I am confident enough to say that Round Table Pizza has the best pizza i have ever had. I have not been to a lot of pizza joints, but i know what good pizza is. Everyone from the east coast says the same exact thing to me, There […]

  • Comcastic – Karaoke on Demand

    Is there that much of a demand for karaoke that comcast needs to make it an option to have it on demand? I do have to admit that the commercials are funny with Mr. T breaking down the wall of the guy singing in the shower. Mr. T should be knocking him out and saying, […]

  • Going to Venice