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Matt will cry knowing that i caught myself saying, “Fucking Ell.”
He doesn’t read my blog anyways, so he will never know.

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Does the Valley have cred now?

If you missed the last episode of entourage your missing the best show on TV. Even though it is on HBO, it should still count for being t he best show on going on. If you haven’t seen an episode of entourage you should check it out now. If you don’t have HBO, I know that you have a friend who does.

This weeks Entourage features the crew going to the Valley to see there opening movie. Drama complains about the heat and only goes to the valley November threw December. Vince and the crew have an Almost Famous moment when they get invited to a house party in the valley. And Vince says to the crowd these are the best moments of your life. Johnny ends the show by saying, the Valley is alright.

Boom, the Valley has instant cred. Even though they say they are going to Northridge and the movie theatre is in Encino. Thats still good enough for me, if Drama says that the valley is alright, then nobody can knock it anymore. For that i am going to go see Poseidon, Drama.

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Best Place to get Pizza in LA

Everyone has there own “Best” Pizza place. I am confident enough to say that Round Table Pizza has the best pizza i have ever had. I have not been to a lot of pizza joints, but i know what good pizza is. Everyone from the east coast says the same exact thing to me, There is no good pizza in Los Angeles. The pizza at Round Table Pizza is not like East Coast pizza, I have never even had east coast pizza. But compared to all of the pizza joints that i have been to in Los Angeles, Round Table Pizza is the best.

Everyone is always sceptical about round table at first, but by the end of the meal and you can’t eat another bite. Because you are both full and satisfied with the food that you just had. I was sceptical first about round table, but now i am a convert.

For my friends birthday we went all the way to the torrance round table. Me and all of my friends were just saying, why do we have to go to torrance for round table pizza? Isn’t there a dominos right around the corner? But we went because it was my friends birthday, and oh boy was it good. Afterwards we went to Cha Cha’s, which is about an hour away. If you don’t know there is a round table pizza right across the street from Cha Cha’s.

From now on thats our staple event, going to Round Table for some 6 dollar pitchers of Bud Light. Then walk across the street to Cha Cha’s for some more cheap drinking. I would recommend getting thin crust at the Table, then getting the Tecate at Cha Cha’s.

Round Table Pizza is located at:
2524 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
(323) 663-8301

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Comcastic – Karaoke on Demand

Is there that much of a demand for karaoke that comcast needs to make it an option to have it on demand? I do have to admit that the commercials are funny with Mr. T breaking down the wall of the guy singing in the shower. Mr. T should be knocking him out and saying, why do you need karaoke on demand anyways. Are people doing karaoke in there showers? How many times have you even been to someones house and they had a karaoke machine setup, that people were actually using it!

I know of a few friends, TWO, who have a karaoke machine in there house and both of them are getting really dusty. I remember when they got a karaoke machine, the whole house was excited about it. But no one got the balls enough to use it, so it never got used.

I don’t understand karaoke anyways, I have never seen anyone who just had to do karaoke right then and there. Do people just like to listen to music without words? So they can just input there own words?


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