Shepard Fairey vs. Blake E Marquis

Shepard Fairey vs. Blake E Marquis
Last night my girlfriend and i went to the corner of La Brea and Melrose to see my friends finish up there work. Helio’s has sponsored a wall where the Fairey used to be next to the Movie theatre over there. Shepard Fairey and Blake E Marquis share the wall with each other. Last night it was a little unfinished but you can drive by yourself to see the finished work. It took about three days for the both of them to finish. Its not really a versus, i just like to call it that. Just to see what Shepard will do to blake. Also if you are in Los angeles on fridays you can see Shepard Fairey Dj’ing tonight at the Spider Club. You can see more pictures of the process in my Gallery. I don’t have any pictures of Shepard Fairey, because he did it early in the morning.

Came Crashing – Blake E Marquis Personal Site.

Obey Giant – Shepard Fairey’s Site. Invite

I have two Invites, just post a comment and i will send one out to the first to who respond!

If you don't know what moola is here is a little explenation:

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So if you are interested please just comment on this post and you will get an invite sent your way!

Gnarls Barkley

I know that i am not the firts person to mention Gnarls Barkley, but i sure don’t want to be the last. Gnarls Barkley consists of two people, the infamous Cee Loo and the illegal Danger Mouse. If you don’t know, you should google them yourselves, I don’t have time for you. They are also playing at Coachella.  Check out there website at And download a track of there newest album Crazy by Gnarls Barkley