Friends Internet

Lrhb got this

My friend went to the 99 cents store and all he got was this dog toy.

Life Movies

the Pussy Wagon

I went to go see the midnight screening of the Island at the arclight and in the parking garage was parked the Pussy Wagon. If you need a description of what the pussy wagon is, go google it yourself. I was hoping that i would see Q.T. but alas i didn't, i am guessing that he was seeing the island. also, as it wasn't a very good movie. But good in the sense that it was a great movie of stolen movies. Something that Q.T. should know about.


Tried to quit yahoo, but i couldn’t

Well i tried to get rid of my yahoo email but i don't think it is possible anymore. I am just not going to check it ever. I have registered it to to many forums and websites and everything that i can't just cancel it. But writing this down makes me think just go for it. Because thats our generation, well thats how i am. When i lose something on my computer, oh well. But i am still going to try and cacel my yahoo account, i just don't use it or need it anymore.

On another note, the transaition has been complete. I have fully switched over to my new dreamhost server and I have the domains up and running. Everything should be running smoothly now.


Pussy Waggon

Life This

No More Yahoo Mail

So thats it, I have given up using my yahoo mail. I have changed over all of my acounts to gmail account. I have only been checking it every other day now. To make sure that i haven’t forgoten anything. But after a few days i am just going to delete it or try to delete my yahoo account. I have already closed my hotmail account, which was very easy to do. In a couple of days i will look into closing my yahoo account.

On another note i bought another domain, I am going to try and keep everything the same setup so don’t worry. You can go to and the new one I just won’t be hosting peargreens stuff anymore, he bought his own website and domain also.