100th Post

This is my 100th Post. I know that 3 people read this, and two of them are me. I don’t like calling this a blog, because i don’t know what blog means. Basically i just want to say CULLO….and YEAH, thats right i said rub on your titties. Without you i don;t know where i would be. This is just a filler obviously because its my 100th post. EAT IT.

Pointers on how to talk like Napolean Dynamite. When you talk don’t open your mouth all the way.


Cat Power at the Knitting Factory

So i went to Cat Power last night at the knitting factory. Thank god everything was pretty much in doors, cause i didn't want to get rained on again. Thanks Matt for the hookups with the tickets! Chan Marshell has rumors that follow her that if you sneeze to loud during her show she will just get up and leave. She sounds just like she does on the CD, her voice was near to perfect. She messed up on a couple of songs, probably because she didn't know them, or just couldn't remember how to play them. Her last song which is a great song, she only sang one line then promptly walked off stage. But overall i like cat power live for sure.

Interesting Movies

Are there any Origional Ideas Anymore?

It amazes me everyday that people think that most ideas are new. When you hear some music and think that is totally new and never done before. Even this idea, how many people have thought about this idea. That there is going to come to an end of original ideas. The cycle has happened in movies, comic books and tv shows are big in movies. Like they were when they first aired 40 to 50 years ago. Your parents liked it when they saw it on tv, so basically so will you to, but in movie form.

What is going to happen to our world in a couple of years, when all new ideas have been used up.

This all started from a post on myspace, about how this girl is annoyed with the scene. How the boys are dressing and how they are acting. How did me thinking of that post and then about the movies come about? Thinking about original ideas. Well and the fact that she was only 18 years old, what does she know.


Ted Hitler

Could be one of the funniest segments on the Daily Show. My name is Ted Hitler.


Life Work

Overheard today in my room

This kid was in a chat room today, and this is the last time i let them in chat rooms. Well he was in a chat room, and he is speaking out loud what is being typed on the screen. “Hi, joseph….how are you?”, “I am fine”, “Do you give head?.” Joseph looks over to his friend, what does that mean, give head? I laugh and say no more chat room in my room, EVER.