Month: December 2004

  • Death and Life

    i have only seen one dead body in my whole life. i have seen death. i have seen life being taken away. i have bever seen my grandparents bodies. i always wanted to remember them like they were. i never wanted to ruin my idea of them. when i was younger my friend an i, […]

  • Nirvana T-Shirt

    I have this sweet Nirvana t-shirt that i got when i visited Australia when i was 13. I went to one of the greatest festivals that i have ever been to in my life, Big Day Out. I bought two shirts there a Pearl Jam shirt, which costs me 20 dollars american. And a Nirvana […]

  • Skating isn’t cheap anymore

    I walked into 118 the other day. I heard my friend tell me that they carry diesel pants in 118 now. I wasn’t even listening to him talk, but i remember him telling me this. I walk into the store and thats the first thing you see. one hundred and fourty dollar pants in a […]

  • Problem With People

    I just got back from lunch and i noticed that the nurse backed out of her spot and was driving into a close spot. Now i would understand if she parks where i park, the last row and farthest away. No, she moved one whole spot closer to the front of the school. Thank god […]

  • Hacking the iPod

    I am waiting for two things to happen for the iPod. One of them was This and the other one is putting games on the iPod. But changing the icons on the iPod is awesome.