Month: August 2004

  • Now we gotta worry about the color of our comp

    i can’t say anything just look at the pic.

  • Netflix?

    And i thought netflix was a great Idea. Now someone has to come around and ruin that idea. Now all i need is that lifetime subscription to rolling stone for 99 dollars. Hint Hint.

  • Video Games?

    i don’t normally post about video games, but this movie rocks, i probably won’t play it, but it looks semi cool Fight Club

  • enough of my insaneness!

    japanese cosplay is totally sweet. especially when they do….. Alice in Wonderland!!!

  • The Dentist

    How much do my teeth hurt right now. i don’t know what the hell he did, but all the world watched today as he went crazy in my mouth. My dentist is on ventura blvd and people walking by the shops can look in the window and see my mouth. Ahhhh i hate the dentist […]